Exhausting hot, humid air from washrooms is a major part of a healthy home.  Doing it quietly and efficiently makes sense and Bestway Electric is the place to contact.  Whether it is a replacement unit or new installation, we are pleased to assist you with this project.

Hot Tubs

Many people choose to enjoy the comfort of a hot tub in their own backyard.  Remember ... water and electricity do not mix.  Your safety and the safety of others who may enjoy the hot tub should not be taken lightly.  The professionals at Bestway have provided wiring and electrical connections for many years.  For a professional, safe installation, contact us.

Home Automation

If you have ever dreamed of automating your home, look no further.

Our skilled, experienced technicians can assist in the design, installation and set-up of your home automation system.

You might be surprised how easy it is to control your inside and outside lighting, appliances and many other items that you will wonder ... why you didn't do it sooner!